Privacy Policy

Smashing Dishes
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Smashing Dishes collects the data that is needed to stay in touch about orders and to be able to run the webshop. Woocommerce and other Wordpress-plugins only collect data within the framework of this website, which we do not share with third parties (of course). Akismet collects information to prevent spam (see below), but despite that we too are still constantly beset by German wholesalers spamming us with offers for unwanted cash registers. We hope the bots will stay quiet now that we've let go of reCaptcha, because we weren't happy with their analytics. Our Newsletter plugins does not record clicks and is just a list with email adresses where we send our montlhy summary, because I have turned off all other functionalities. We are the Netherlands' least optimised newsletter. You can't leave reactions on the site (though you can always ask questions via the helpline), we keep in touch via phone or email. So we don't collect data via that route, just the info needed to answer your messages and that's it.

The European Union really wants me to remind you that you subscribed to our newsletter and that we have your info because you yourself submitted it via our webshop or contact form, and so on. Eh, duh, but also: we make sure you can easily unsubscribe and that the links aren't tiny miniature links somewhere hidden at the end of the email in a grey colour that's barely discernible from a white background. We also make sure any checkboxes are on the "off" setting by default and we make sure that contact is first and foremost a human thing. That's the least we can do when posting stuff on an internet that's mostly aimed at increasing addictive screen time.

By using this website you agree to some cookies. Put a blocker on it, delete them regularly, we also hate them but they're necessary to make sure the website functions optimally. Wordpress itself does not collect analytics. It's a pretty good platform in that regard.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or you're worried about how we use your information, or you have tips for how to better deal with the question of datacollection: please get in touch. We have the same questions, but short of leaving the internet entirely, we've not found an ideal solution. Existing solely in meatspace is not doable for an online platform.


We collect data about visitors who leave reactions on websites that use Akismet's anti-spam service. The specific data collected depends on the Akismet settings on a specific site, but normally we collect the responder's IP address, user agent, referrer and website URL (as well was the form-information: name, username, email address and the reaction itself).